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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmote View Post
    Beiwarin ties the rope around a few rocks and begins pulling Lomax in, continuing to wrap the line around rocks as he does so.

    When the rope goes taut, he glances over to see why.

    Spoiler: Rolls
    Perception: [roll0]
    If necessary, with disadvantage: [roll1]

    If he sees the plesiosaurus: [roll2] for [roll3] and [roll4] for [roll5]
    The plesioosaurus is unable to even let out a faint squeal before it dies. It sinks into the water, and you don't particularly get a very good luck at it before it is sucked out to sea. Lomax is now able to shake free and scramble onto the shore.

    Quote Originally Posted by bc56 View Post
    In a fluid motion, Roland draws his cutlass and turns towards the approaching figures, the wide, curved blade flashing with the reflections of distant lightning bolts in the storm. "Someone's coming! Over there!"

    Spoiler: actions

    Ready so that if one of those somethings attacks one of the party within my reach, I attack them back.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zergrinch View Post
    Though in the midst of a coughing fit, Roland's words registered with the paranoid warlock. Alas, try as he might, the not-perceptive half elf could not see anything, not even when looking at the direction the man was pointing at.

    In between coughs, Zuu retrieves a pinch of waxy white powder from his component pouch. He blows the powder from his fingers while whispering a short arcane phrase.

    The white powder immediately starts to glow a shade of green not unlike Zuu's eldritch blasts, and erupted into four glowing greenish globules of light. The dancing lights rise up 10 feet into the air, and as Zuu snaps his right fist open, rush out to hover in a wide spread over what Roland was pointing at.

    "Who's there?" Zuu chokes out as he ducks behind the closest rock formation he can find.

    Cast Dancing Lights and try to duck behind cover.
    Quote Originally Posted by Seanfall View Post
    Valafar was focused on the until he heard the others shouting. Grasping the bow he snapped his hand out and the weapon dissolved and reformed into a wickedly curved and sharp two handed blade. His arrow likewise popped out of reality.

    Whats going on whos yelling!

    Spoiler: ooc

    Reading an attack action, and changing bow into a great sword.

    As Greebrook's light takes flight across the rocks, it gives you a glimpse of the humanoid mockeries and some of the strangeness of their forms. It's too quick to pick up much detail, but it is apparent that there are five human sized things approaching you in a file, with a more massive gorilla sized creature following behind them.

    The relatively smaller people closely resemble humanoids, but the way the light glints off their skin indicates that they must have scales. Their body proportions aren't too abnormal, but their heads and all the features on them do appear oversized, but it is difficult to tell the extent of their deformities in this short a time. Each of them is armed with a one handed trident and smaller version of a legionnaire's shield, both of which are made out of what looks to be a material similar to gold, but more white in color and less lustrous.

    The bigger creature though is far more obvious in its oddities. It's proportions seem to be that of an immense gorilla, and with it's monolithic arms and legs tipped with sickle like claws, you know that it's strength would be more than enough to kill five, if not ten, people within seconds. It's head is unlike any you have seen before, as it looks like the maw of a lamprey must have been grafted in between the jaws of a gorilla. Oversied red frills flap madly as the weird thing looks from behind its soldiers.

    Your mind jumped to the conclusion that the large monster must have been something closer to a giant beast than a man, but you are quite clearly contradicted. Quickly noticing that it's group has lost the element of surprise, it unleashes a piercing whistle through its lamprey's maw, and upon hearing it your head aches. Soon you feel an odd flurry of emotions flitting about in your head, and you swear that they can't be your own. Indistinct whispers follow with it, and you also can't help but feel that they aren't your own. That thing must be doing something with its whistle.

    When the light goes over them, the fishlike legionnaires are seemingly shocked that they where noticed, and seize their movements in shock. The ogrelike thing's whistle spurs them on to action though, and they charge forward with their tridents at the ready. Somehow, the moment the whistle sounded they automatically regained their confidence to charge, somehow being able to perfectly know how to not trip over each other. While you where ached by the whistle, they seemed to be energized by it.

    Unfortunately though, the immense abomination did not bring up the call soon enough. It's troops hesitated before charging, standing like deer in headlights. It was only for a few seconds, but it was a few seconds too late.

    Encounter A: Beyond Devil's Reef; Round 1

    The party has won initiative against the fishfolke, and may act first.

    Nauta, you are about to act, when you come to a shocking realization. These creatures are the same ones that already killed you. Although that was in a dream, it was also a prophecy of the future: You know you will die here. In fact, you have already suffered the fatal wound. You must have acted too late, so one of the creature's tridents has already come into your skull. You are not dead yet, but there is no surviving a hemorrhage in the brain like that. You will not survive this fight, and now your fate is sealed: you will die here.

    Nauta is affected by the Despair affect of a Portentious Nightmare. For the duration of the effect, he has disadvantage on all ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws, and his speed is halved. At the end of every turn he may remake the DC 13 Charisma saving throw, ending all of the effects on a success. For as long the effect persists, he is under a delusion that he has already suffered a fatal wound, and will experience tactile hallucinations that confirm this this belief in his mind.

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