Ill try and find time to test if Pewter still steamroll things with these changes.
In the previous try, a sufficiently large group of Rhyhorn did more or less kill all sorts of things without attrition.

Perhaps the evolved Rhyhorn will also need some sort of buff.
I just recall it having some sort of obscene damage output from first glance.
Oh yes it has 3 attacks, 25+ damage with a possible +4 berserker.
Where the horn alone can get another +10, for something along the line of 30 piercing damage.

And at the same time Rhydon is super tough, with 24 prot after they berserk.
I think initially the horn charge is to mean. If they are reduced to 2 attacks, berserker drops to 2,
and they get the Rhyhorn defensive changes. Then they actually still compare favorably with unblessed anakites.
In part from having 5 more defence. Thats about the same as a Sheshai Anakite with Barkskin.