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More charitably, Verres concluded that she's stable, and is unlikely to suffer additional debilitating effects from her experiences to that point. She's been through a lot since then, and that could easily change a "she's fine" diagnosis into a "she needs help" one.

Less charitably, Verres probably wasn't properly qualified to examine her in the first place, but we're unlikely to go in that direction.
The tests Mr. Verres did were to check, if Grace can safely interact with society in general. It is unlikely that he did a throughout test for psychological trauma, anxieties and other things that do require therapy but not a visit to a psychiatric hospital. This can not be done in a sneaky fashion, since it requires an open discussion with the patient about the issues.

This page is relevant I think. I do not believe it was ever mentioned again, so it is hard to say, if she did get some therapy going and how well it worked. Still, what Rater202 wrote is a good explanation anyway, since at the core Grace is and will always be overtly sensitive to hurting people or just seeing them getting hurt. Therapy might help her not be crippled by all those issues, but they will never fully go away.