“Well, obviously, the first rule is ask before touching. It’s a good rule for whole bunches of things. Secondly, don’t sit on my flowers. Thirdly—“

The trapdoor flies open and someone comes hurtling into the room and Elodie’s first instinct is to hurl a pillow at the figure, shrieking about how there’s no sleeping here. Luckily, it’s just a ninja! And pillows are notoriously powerful against ninjas, so we have nothing to fear.

“Uh, yeah,” Elodie says, taking Annalee’s side for multiple reasons, not just because that’s the safest place to be. “Rude much? I don’t need a ghost around here wailing about how I won’t release them from the mortal coil and junk.”

Then she turns back to working on that middle toe like someone who’s totally not whipped.