So, I've been working on this question for a while, and have had help from the thread before- but there are aspects I still want to nail down.

I have a character that I'm trying to portray as a tactical genius, far ahead of his time. The thing is, from what the thread has said, a lot of the genius ideas that make or break a war come down to logistics; something that this character already has a leg up on from other factors. If I were to leave it to that, he'd just look like he was more effective merely because of those other factors, not due to any personal skill as a tactitian.

I know part of it also comes down to an understanding of long-term strategy through important capture points, unexpected targets, and so on that are too lengthy and too context-specific to really summarize here.

What I want to know are what kind of small-scale tactics, methods of conducting battles and skirmishes in a classical heroic fantasy landscape that would really differentiate him as the new Sun Tzu?