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    Default Re: Got a Real-World Weapon, Armour or Tactics Question? Mk. XXVIII

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiero View Post
    It's not that simple; and well-worked bronze is better than iron and the lowest grades of steel. Even then it depends what you're using it for, and again the climate matters. Steel rusts, bronze is much more durable in a moist environment.

    What's the point of making equipment that rusts within a year or so, when bronze will last for years?
    The materials for steel are very easy to come by, though. There's iron pretty much all over the planet, whereas copper is much rarer and more localized. If you're equipping whole armies, you are likely to go with some variation of iron over a variation of bronze, even if it has its drawbacks. In the case of 'fully developed steel', presumably this includes full knowledge of how to take care of your steel and keep it from rusting unduly. It's not like the conquistadors switched to bronze in the tropics on arrival.

    Edit: Just to put some numbers on it, about 5% of earth's crust is iron. Copper makes up less than 0.007%. That makes iron more than 700 times as common as copper.
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