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Well.. in return Anakims are cap only.
And can be argumented further by a bless. But alright what unit are Rhydorns means to be compared to instead?
Heavy cavalry? Could you run a test of for example.. 1200 gold of Rhydorns against 1200 gold of heavy knights.
Or 1200 gold of lets say.. Chud Warriors? If both groups doesnt get crushed, then ill agree that Rhydorns are likely fine.
Coded me some free summoning spells, can't forget to remove them for the next release. Now chuds cost 20 gold and Rhydons cost 180, so that's roughly 60 chuds vs 6.7 rhydorns, let's round it up to 7.

The chuds tanked the massed Rhydon charge like bosses and procceeded to kill them good. One of them actually bled to death, I think that's why it's not scored as a kill for the chuds.

And now for the knights, 1200 budget allows for 20 of those.

Now they got their asses beaten, but more because of their crappy morale and fighting in enemy dominion so they ended up breaking a bit too fast, and still took out 4 rhydons and weakened a fifth enough for the warrior chief to finish it off. I would say quite a noble performance all in all.

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Though on the subject of graveler. Then i think they grow a little to OP with their new AOE rock attack
They are to easily massed up.
Fair enough, removed it.

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And thank you. I mostly tried doing a little golem thug testing.
And found that even with a hard skin/heat aura bless, they lose to deer tribe warriors and barbarians.
They could of course get to replace their healm slot with boots. But i fear being able to trample stuff would make them to op.

Well.. perhaps thats an idea for another Golem-only (and expensive) item? Death Ball data disk. Teachers your Golem to Roll over people.
Perhaps some of the stronger pokemon attacks would be granted by items? That would lock them behind a research gate.
Now that you mention it, I had been wondering about TM items that grant new attacks. And Rollout is a classic rock move.

Earthquake item for rock's pokemon?