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    Default Re: [Monster Hearts IC] Sleepshy Rise: Shaken and Sleep Deprived

    Quote Originally Posted by Elanorin View Post
    "No." Samael tried not to smile. "No closet. I hear staying in them are bad for you mental wellbeing."
    Since when did monsters know that turn of phrase?

    And why is
    this what my mind chooses to think about right now?! Useless thing...

    Quote Originally Posted by Elanorin View Post
    He slowly walked up to Timothy and reached out a hand to straighten a strand of his hair. It was pointless considering the mess the boy was in, but he was on the hunt and the prey stood right there so ready, warm, dishevelled and... warm.

    "I understand the Headmaster's current mood is intimidating to you. But this space is mine. You really can't be here, Crompton of the Wilkenstonshire Cromptons. You understand that, don't you?"

    "Though... saying that... I could perhaps be convinced to share... if you were to offer me something in return..." his eyes traced down Timothy's face to his neck and collarbone.

    [Pulling Strings on Timothy, spending 1 String to Tempt him to give me what I want]
    Timothy stood frozen in meek, unassuming, stiff posture, for if he disengaged his knees for the slightest second they would amost certainly tremble themselves to pieces. "But, this is school grounds. It's all school grounds. None of us own much further than our boots and trousers." A distant roar - accompanied by a choir of trumpets - announced another set of unruly miscreants had been told just that.

    Oh, what was even the use? Even if Samael saw reason, what was he to say? 'Yes yes, do stay over there on that side of the room Mr. Vampire, while I drift off to sleep in my corner, completely defenseless and vulnerable.' Staying here meant either a sleepless night or...or a terrible fate, and leaving? He did not know what leaving meant. He knew some of what leaving might mean, and surely he hadn't seen the worst of it yet. It was the vampire he knew (would slay him (probably)) versus the devil(s) he didn't.

    He couldn't stop the low, frightened moan from escaping his throat. All he'd wanted was a simple night's rest...

    "But, yes, I do understand the inconvience-" oh no he was touching his hair he was touching him bad bad bad bad BAD "-and would gladly offer you something in recompense-" He hid his poor neck behind his bundle as best as he could. "-but what could I possibly give up? Disregarding...a-anything of painful and ultimately fatal consequence? I don't suppose you fancy jigsaw puzzles...?" Even just saying the words, he had to hug his belongings tight. When would he ever find another puzzle in this horrid place? But these were desperate times, and his neck was on the line.

    And we're to puns now. Crisps and crackers, I'm doomed.
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