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Your puns leave me cold.
I would make a great detective. The ability to make witty one-liner puns at the crime scene is all that requires, right?

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Also, the mermaid show is giving me One Piece flashbacks.
Camie was definitely the first mermaid that showed up...
It's entirely possible it was a reference, but not having seen One Piece, I wouldn't have gotten it.

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And a Rain Totem?
Weather Control, Weather Control, Weather Control...
Well, you weren't wrong, actually...

Shortish one today.

Part 11: Hard to Sum Up

Tuesday, Winter Day 23, Year One

Apparently, the rain totem makes it more likely to rain the next day. Stands to reason...

Leah's birthday is today... First job, then, is to give her a gold crocus.


Fine, community centre to drop off the duck egg and Clint's to pick up Illy's pickaxe...

Clint and his damn ores... Now he wants to see forty... Illy will probably have to go into the mines again. Still, she supposes this means more duggies to knobble.

Hah, no, she has enough ores stored to satisfy Clint without going into the mines!

Okay, the crab pots have not caught anything...? Does Illy need to put bait in them while in her inventory (naturally, she has not brought any with her today...)

*sigh* She'll spend the 15g to buy some from Willy.

Wait, did... Illy try to load them bug meat yesterday, instead of bait? She did, didn't she? Silly Illy. That would be why she couldn't load them!

Fishing, then. At least Illy can catch stuff now, and that is much more XP to fishing that catching trash - and the sooner she can make her own crab pots, the sooner she can line somewhere with loads of them and rake in a steady stream of XP.

Still, she manages two sardines, a sea cucumber and two herring, so that's pretty good!

Time for bed!

Winter Day 24, Year One

Illy maybe be uncreative, but she has loads of gold crocuses...!

Well, Andy, if you weren't a hopeless corporate stooge, you might have better luck...

Oh, Marnie deigns to be in today. Illy, then, will take two cows, who shall be Marvel and Wasp, a heater, a milk bucket and some shears, ready.

Leah is now up to 8 hearts, so she doesn't need more presents for the moment (now to concentrate on Maru)... So Jas and Marnie might as well have some flowers, Illy supposes...


Illy makes a new chest to put in the barn so she can store the milking pale and shears conveniently. She also, while at it, adds a second blue chest next to her first to store all the minerals and wood and stuff in, since she's onto her second stack of wood and stone. She moves all the minerals and gemstones into the second chest, with other miscellaneous stuff.

She finally remembers to take the dried starfish she dug up a day or two ago to the museum.

Next job: find Maru and maybe do some more fishing...

Illy files "cranberry sauce" away as Things Abby Loves...

Hello, Robin!

Funny you should ask, Robin, Illy literally just made two chests this morning!

Ooooh. Illy likes blueprints. They are blue like she is! Also, starships are made from them.


SWEET! Illy has no idea what those do, but sweet all the same!

Do they like, play music when you whack them or something?

Oh, no, they play a note when you walk PAST. Neat!

Have a gold crocus, Robin!

Illy was going to go home to get bug meat for her traps, then realises it's probably quicker to just get some fresh from the mine!

She finds plenty, and another couple of duggies, but it's perhaps a bit late to do much fishing - maybe a little bit, but without using the last trout soup - after she's done her crab pots, of course! Crab, driftwood -- ohh, shrimp, that's new!

She catches a herring and some seaweed, but it's time to head for home before she tries for anything more.

Winter Day 25, Year One

Ooh, early Feast of Winter Star present!

(Also, Rassy has the coolest letter-paper.)

Illy apparently won't be going to get her crab pots today, then, as the festival is being set up.

Illy stops to get some jam... Maybe she will give Leah that instead of a flower, since she gave her one yesterday (and all the time)...?

Sure, why not?

Uh, Illy is sure that astrophysically impossible, but go on. (Astrophysics ARE related to starships, after all.)


Do NOT talk to Illy about the ice-fishing competition, Pam. Illy, unlike you, cannot drink to forget. Yes, Illy IS touchy about it, thanks.

No, Linus, that's... No. You will join in if Illy has to drag you, and if anyone has a problem, they can take it up with Illy's boot via their arse.

Well, that's really nice of Robin! Illy will see though. (She'd rather be at Abby's table if she can, though she doesn't say this to Robin...)

Ooh, exciting! (Unless, a voice whispers in Illy's head, no-one remembered you...)

Sam... Illy was thinking you were one of the less icky boys. Tut, tut.

Sometimes, Andy, Illy thinks you and Joja corp deserve each other.

Illy feels she should probably feel bad for internally smirking at Alex-short-for-Alexander's evident discomfort. But she doesn't...

Ooh, ooh, Illy doesn't know?

Watering can, maybe? Illy doesn't really mind, though it's the thought that counts.

But watering IS fun!

(Oh dear Illy desperately is hoping now that Emily wasn't her secret gift-giver and she's upset her now, that would be awful.)

Illy will give Leah her gift! She goes with the blackberry jam... Ooh, Illy hopes this is okay?

Darn. That clearly should have been something better. Blast it! Illy wants people to really love her gifts! (Still, she didn't hate it...)

Oooh, oooh, this is so exciting! Illy will love it whatever it is!

Yesyesyesyesyes! Illy bounces up and down with excitement.

An emerald! That's lovely! Illy will put that somewhere nice!

No, it's wonderful, Caroline! Illy will make a special something to put it in her bedroom especially!

Then you are an idiot, Shane. You literally live in a valley with a wizard and an ex-devil.

Maybe actually try being less... Look, just maybe try some online dating?

Too right!

Illy can't find Rassy anywhere this time.


Come to think of it, Illy doesn't recall ever seeing Gunther outside the museum...

Ah, well! Illy joins Abby and family for a lovely dinner!

Afterwards, Illy heads home. (For the moment, she'll put her emerald in the fridge, until she can get something better...)

Winter Day 26, Year One

Illy fears you won't be getting it in a hurry, Gus? She can try fishing, but it doesn't seem likely...

Illy gets her winter crops in. She makes another load of seeds, ready for next year, and most of the rest she sells.

Well, that is a stupendously easy quest!

Illy thinks there is another reason people stare at Abby...

Jodi can have a crocus - and a gold crocus as well, just because!

Lobster, shrimp, driftwood from the crab pots... Well, it's something, isn't it?

Couple more trout soup, and a quick run around the beach, and Illy will try to fish again...

Illy has some moderate success...

But the controls remain near-impossible to work with and the fish delight in moving fast a half second before catching where Illy has no chance of keeping up with them, especially since the control is idiotically over-touchy and further insists on taking control away when it bounces.

Well, that wasn't a TOTAL waste...

Winter Day 27, Year One

Huzzah! She will be Indrani!

Catherine has conveniently laid another duck egg, which goes right into the incubator.

Crab pots take three iron bars, ouch. Illy is rather short on those... Quarry/mine trip will have to be done soonish, though Illy wants to keep at the fishing for the next couple of days at least as there is an outside chance she might catch something that she needs before spring.

She makes three crab pots, and while she's at it, a cheese press, as hopefully before long, she'll have some milk! She puts the crab pots in her stream near the lightning rod, just to see what she finds.

Illy stops Linus for a quick chat and the goes to Robin's to say high to Maru...

Hi Maru.

Well, Illy isn't too shabby at maths, actually.

Illy can certainly try!

Shoulder!Alluria would rather go to Maru's lap, but Illy hushes her.

And its a good thing I leave my calculator next to my iron idiot, innit?

So circumference is increasing by 0.5m/minute... At 4m radius, the circumference is 2πr, so is 25.13m; and the area is πr, so 50.26m...

25.13+0.5 = 25.63.

25.63= 2πr

25.63/2π = r, so r = 4.07m

Area then equal π4.07 = 52.29m

So the rate of change is 2m (to one significant figure)...

Boom! Illy is great at maths!

(Boom! Bleakbane still has it!)

(Oh for frack's sake!)

(FRAG DAMMIT, I haven't done chemistry for twenty sodding years!

Hang on, hang on...

Crap, I might even have to this up...!

No, no, I'm over complicating this, this is still simple maths. For a moment, I was thinking back to combustion or photosynthesis-type quadratic equations - it IS pretty late...)

0.8 x 0.6 = 0.48 atm?

DAMMIT! Idiot Illy. that was for wrong gas, CO was 0.3, should be 0.24, stupidstupidstupid!

(Like I said, pretty late at night... *skulldesk*))

Illy smiles wanly, while kicking herself for such a stupid mistake - and after getting the hard one right, too...

(*eyeglow twitch* *eyeglow twitch*)

Illy is slightly relieved.

(And after all that, she has already given Maru two flowers this week...)

Riiight. Collect the crab pots, pick them up (she'll put them in her steam later), more fishing...

Well, that's new...

Illy has a reasonable day, but again she has most trouble because the frelling box is so horrendously unresponsive (it accelerates) and it bounces at either end, and while bouncing (which it does repeatedly), it won't increase the meter. So annoying!

One day of winter left...