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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Raziere View Post
    On the most recent EGS: NP
    "I mean we're ridiculous but its cute when we do it!"-Tedd

    So EGS is a magical girl manga? this explains everything.
    You only just realized it?

    This became a Magical girl story the second Elliot literally turned into a girl with magic-based superhuman abillities for the sake of fighting off a super-powered attacker.

    ...So, Tedd's seen Elliot cast that spell, right?

    Becuase Tedd has said on more than one occasion that she wants to be involved in the various super battles that her friends get caught up in(it's why he made the Gauntlet and everything) but has never gotten a chance to.

    I could totally see her making a bunch of wands/watches/whatevs and storing them in a pocketed article, then creating his own custom magical girl version of the Cheerleadra spell while wearing said article(and merging the wands into himself the way Elliot got Cell Phone powers) so as to have the ability to get involved in these things.
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