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There was a ripple of malicious giggles from the crowd. All of a sudden they're not her people any more, and you can see how much the sudden sense of isolation spooks her. You can see the fight or flight reflexes starting to kick in. Being laughed at by people is terrifying enough but being laughed at by monsters is potentially terminal. In that moment she can back down, throw down or double down.

She doubles down - joins in the laughter with her own fake giggle. "Oh, 'Lee, you're so funny!" smile cementing into place. "Anyway, what do you want to do with the spy? Hex her? Curse her? Trap her in an eternal nightmare?" She's transparently hoping the redirection works and you focus your ire where she was originally hoping to send it - and just as transparently hoping you'll teach her some magic. She's been dropping hints along those lines for a while now.

"Help... please..." the hunter whispers through the stiletto crushing down on her neck. She reaches out to you with a shaking hand, like you're the only good thing left in a terrible universe.

You've seen that look a lot. Not so often while they've still got a beating heart, though.
Annalee waves dismissively at the assembled onlookers with a pointed look at Alex. "All of them out, and shut the door. You want to stay oaf, make sure the Angel doesn't interrupt us, dah?" It's a dangled hope. Alex might not even have that much power over the crowd, but she's also not going to admit that in front of all of them, now is she? So let's see what she can do. Consider it a try-out for not being kicked out at night.

Annalee looks over at Elodie, who is starting to paint one of her nails nuclear green. "So, Elly belly, this is your room, your rules you were saying. This is yours now, then. Would you like me to do magic on your ninja?"