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    Another Undead Querry:

    Awaken Undead

    Ok. I'm thinking that the effect for this doesn't really justify being a 7th level spell in 5e. (Or even 3x, but that's a separate issue)

    I'm also wondering why Create Undead can't make Intelligent Zombies/Skeletons.

    For just making Z/S Intelligent, to the limit of their Racial stat in the MM (10 for those Humanoids not listed) this could be a 5th level Necromancy spell.

    Change the Material Component to a 200 gp Onyx Gem, that is consumed.

    Abilities and Features from any past Life are not gained, but these undead do gain any Racial traits that apply, and can learn Class levels with features, feats, and so on.

    (Undead controlled by a Necromancer are limited to half the caster's level, adjusting total number controlled based on new CR)

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