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    Default Components of luck

    I have been thinking about luck.

    Someone mentioned how they would have done luck differently as a D&D feat. My response was that I would handle luck in a variety of ways (more than one feat, more than just feats).

    Someone once said luck is when opportunity meets action.

    Random event of luck:
    [01] occurs: it exists in a time and a space that can be acted upon; and is
    [02] noticed: it is identified as a useful opportunity; and is
    [03] categorized: it is known what general skillset would be needed; and is
    [04] understood: it is within an available skillset to act upon; and is
    [05] evaluated: it is scrutinized by the appropriate skillset; and is
    [06] appraised: the risk/reward is given a guess on its outcome; and is
    [07] feasible: the resources needed to act upon the event are available; and is
    [08] acceptable: the risk/reward is seen as agreeable; and is
    [09] successful: the event produces a positive outcome; and is
    [10] successful to a high magnitude: the event has high positive outcome; and is
    [11] ongoing: the event has repeatable or continuous ramifications (at least a flat bonus); and is
    [12] compounding: the event results in compounding benefits (at least a percentage bonus)


    An example from my life:

    [01] The housing bubble was a thing
    [02] I saw that the housing bubble was a thing (I would go full get-off-my-lawn-old-man-cranky and yell at the commercials)
    [03] I knew that I could have called bankers to help me figure it all out
    [04] I knew that some bankers would have known how to profit from it
    . . . here is when my luck dried up . . .
    [05] Theoretically I could have found a banker to help me identify how to profit
    [06] Theoretically I could have found a banker to help me figure out the risk/reward scenarios
    [07] Hopefully I could have found one that would be able to structure the investment
    [08] Hopefully we would be okay with the risk/reward scenarios
    [09] I would have been successful
    [10] I would have made a truckload of money
    [11] I may have leaned more about how to do something similar in the future
    [12] It would have compounded

    Perhaps I could have been retired on my own privet island right now . . . one can dream.
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