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He couldn't stop the low, frightened moan from escaping his throat. All he'd wanted was a simple night's rest...

"But, yes, I do understand the inconvience-" oh no he was touching his hair he was touching him bad bad bad bad BAD "-and would gladly offer you something in recompense-" He hid his poor neck behind his bundle as best as he could. "-but what could I possibly give up? Disregarding...a-anything of painful and ultimately fatal consequence? I don't suppose you fancy jigsaw puzzles...?" Even just saying the words, he had to hug his belongings tight. When would he ever find another puzzle in this horrid place? But these were desperate times, and his neck was on the line.
Samael didnít even dignify the jigsaw puzzle suggestion with an answer. He honestly just offered him a childrenís toy? Hell, this one would taste sweet.

ďItís hardly ever fatal,Ē Samael said, voice like velvet, eyes still on Timís neck. His fingers went from Timothyís hair to gently trace his jawline.