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    Default Re: The Champions Of Eldeņor Against The Cult Of Nerull, 20XX [OOC]

    I never specified what type or how many healing potions, I leave that to DM call.

    Are we able to use our class features now?

    Spoiler: EDIT
    Clairvoyance focus worth at least 100 gp, either a jeweled horn for hearing or a glass eye for seeing (1 each)
    Legend Lore incense worth at least 250 gp, which the spell consumes, and four ivory strips worth at least 50 gp each
    Scrying focus worth at least 1,000 gp, such as a crystal ball
    So 1400 gp of items +250 gp per use of Legend Lore, at least 1650 gp
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