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    Default Re: The Champions Of Eldeņor Against The Cult Of Nerull, 20XX [OOC]

    So sorry guys, I was at a metal festival last night.

    Darion Watkins is a shy kid, with a mind for details. He was rescued from a likely short-lived fate in an inner city gang by a maker space called the CoLaboratory, and more specifically by a blacksmith there named Max Freeman. Max became a father figure to Darion, began teaching him everything he knows about smithing, and encouraged Darion to attend college to learn metallurgy.

    In game terms, Darion is a dwarf Cleric with Forge domain. I have no idea what magic items are appropriate for a 9th level character so I'll just list some that my character would use and let you pick.

    Items he would like to be included:
    Heavy armor of some kind, Plate preferrable, magical optional (Adamantine, +1/+2/+3, Dwarven Plate
    Warhammer, magical optional
    Shield with inset holy symbol of Moradin, magical optional
    Boots of Striding and Springing
    Cloak of Displacement
    Ring of Protection
    Healer's Kit
    50ft Hempen Rope
    10 days rations
    Smith's Tools
    Tinker's Tools
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