Enccounter A: Beyond Devil's Reef, has concluded.

The Despair effect is lifted from Roland Nauta once the fishfolk have been defeated.

Miraculously, the hurricane vanishes as quick as it started. The rain suddenly completely stops, and the lightning no longer flashes. The sky above is just as cloudy out as it was before, but they are no longer as black as they where before, and are now a more smoky gray. The storm seems to have ended.

The storm has ended. Any effects related to Strong Winds or Heavy Precipitation have ended. The area is still in dim light though, despite the fact that it is day, because the clouds are so thick.

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Beiwarin climbs attop a pile of rocks near the center of the dancing lights, peering out into the darkness. "I don't think their attack was an accident," he shouts. "Anyone see reinforcements?"
As you are staring out into the distance, you don't seem to find anything notable against the stars for the first few seconds. But without warning, the call of a frightened albatross originates from Sonderholme's sword behind her, and then its blade glows a bright along its outline. And as soon as this happens, several shapes in the sky which you failed to notice before because of their jet black skin are outlined in the same color.

You all are startled to realize that a small flock of emaciated humanoid figures are swooping down towards your position. They are close to 30 feet away now, but you couldn't notice them due to their black, rubbery, featureless skin and the absolutely silent way they fly, much like an owl. The creatures appear somewhat similar to a starved and emaciated humanoid, but with talons, claws, and uncannily elongated bone structures. Fiendish horns and a tail like that of a manta ray's thoroughly distinguish them from any natural humanoid. But what truly convinces you of their fearfulness, is the fact that they have no faces at all.

In the port of Baharna, you where warned about these creatures. The Night-Gaunts: Servants of the Other Gods who live beyond the Dreamlands and amidst the stars. There are legends of them roaming across the seas, seeking those who are injured, ill, or lost, and snatching them away, bringing them to places unknown. If one of these things manages to catch you in their talons, there is no telling what your fate will be.

There are three in the skies right now, each diving towards different targets. One is aiming at Lomax, the other at Sonderholme, and the final at Greenbrook. You have seconds to react before they reach their targets.

Encounter B: From Out of Nightmare's Well; Round 1

They try to surprise the party, but Sonderholme's Longsword of Warning foils them. The party wins initiative and acts first. Each Night-Gaunt is currently 30 feet above the ground.

For Sonderholme Only

For Seanfall Only