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Felandria nods.

Itís true, you are very snuggly.

Right, letís head over to the security room, check the cameras and find out what happened to you.
I guess one hug from the giant would break all his bones at once. Does he even have Bones? He got theeth. Those are bones, right? maybe he got at least some bones.

Mr. C just nods.

The incident is rather easy to find. C can mention that he went on a shuttle and it appears to be the only one around that time. Thought there is a hugh span between the shuttle landing and him leaving. But Right when he steps out of the shuttle the door close and squeez the little guy also making the sound of those kids toys you can squeez. The door will doo this three more times befor one of the pilots will come and put him into one of the boxes they delivered.

"I knew it! They have made a new ally which none will ever suspect....automatic doors." Mr C says. "We have to question him who bought him."