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From "inside looking out" pespective(yours): what other title(s) did you ponder before making the final call on Utterly Dwarfed?
I couldn't really tell you because I've had this one locked in for a few years and I don't actually remember my other options. They were mostly just different, less interesting variations on using the word "dwarf" though.

As I said to someone on Twitter, the reason I didn't use a pun about Hel is that it's not her story. It's Durkon's. And Sigdi's. I wanted a title that reflected them, and the nice thing about "dwarf" is that it doubles to also mean "to make look small in comparison" such as, say, next to a god, or an infinite void filled with gravestones. So it also reflects this book's place in the overall story, which is to zoom out and show that it's a much bigger problem even than they thought it was.

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What's the deadline for pre-orders for the book?
Technically, everything up to the day that the book shows up in December is a pre-order. But in terms of when we need to have X number of orders in place in order to afford printing the book, we're looking at mid-October. Pre-orders before then help us get the book made.