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I couldn't really tell you because I've had this one locked in for a few years and I don't actually remember my other options. They were mostly just different, less interesting variations on using the word "dwarf" though.

As I said to someone on Twitter, the reason I didn't use a pun about Hel is that it's not her story. It's Durkon's. And Sigdi's. I wanted a title that reflected them, and the nice thing about "dwarf" is that it doubles to also mean "to make look small in comparison" such as, say, next to a god, or an infinite void filled with gravestones. So it also reflects this book's place in the overall story, which is to zoom out and show that it's a much bigger problem even than they thought it was.
Huh. So if you take that title, flip open the book, and look at nearly any page...
it will work. The title works for virtually every aspect, as long as one looks at it from the right angle.