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Does Symbol of Fear suffer the same 150 hp "hit point limit" as Symbol of Death?

Several of the Symbol spells explicitly state they do not, but Symbol of Fear does not have such a statement, but does say "This spell functions like symbol of death, except that all creatures within 60 feet of the symbol of fear instead become panicked for 1 round per caster level." Emphasis mine, and note that Symbol of Death has no such "all creatures" clause.

Here is an example of one of the other Symbol spells explicitly stating there is no hit point limit:
It's ambiguous for the reasons you stated. DM discretion.

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Can a third level War Weaver cast a 3rd level spell (Greater Mage Armor, Wiz 3), that he enhances with a Metamagic Rod of Extend as he casts it, and place that metamagically-enhanced spell into his eldritch tapestry?

I'm trying to determine if the metamagic rod's effect counts against the spell level (is the above spell 3rd level, or 4th, for this purpose?)
Extend Spell does not affect a spell's effective level, only the level of spell slot needed to cast it. The extended greater mage armor is still considered a 3rd level spell. Note that this answer does not change if you switch from a metamagic rod to Extend Spell feat itself. Of course, if you were using Heighten Spell, it would be a different story.

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Q 138

Does a thown weapon still count as being in your possession?

Reason I'm asking: can a fiend of possession from Fiend Folio p. 204 possess a weapon that's been thrown at them magical or otherwise
AFAICT there doesn't seem to be any restriction that would require the item to be in your possession.