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For the vast majority of deities Hel's plan simply doesn't matter. It only matters to us because it has sidetracked the OoTS from their mission.

If instead of Durkon Hilgya had been vamped, the exact same series of events could have occurred and we'd never know until the sequel where Durkon and Roy head to Firmament to clean up the mess.

Sure, we'd have missed out on some awesome stuff, but there would have been other awesome stuff.
Does it count if I say it matters to me because I don't want to imagine all those dwarven souls going to Hel?

That said I'm in the faction saying that it's better to assume that Hel is at least competent enough that her plan would have worked if it came to pass as she wished it, rather than there being some sort of note saying "By the way this plan would have failed no matter what."

I mean sure regardless of whether the plan would have worked or not Durkon and the OotS saved their home from destruction so either way they'd have saved the day for everyone living on the current world, but it'd still feel like a bit of an anticlimax if the big bad of the story arc turned out to be so inept that her plan would never have worked anyway.