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I see. Bad rng is bad rng.
Indeed, that might be the case. Looking at Bernie's growth rates in Serenes Forest though, she's always going to have strength issues (base growth 35%, lowest in the house besides the mages). Her speed really should be higher though, as she has a better growth rate there than many other house members who have better speed than her, so I guess that's where I'm getting RNG screwed with her.

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In general, is everyone finding that experience is the least-limiting resource towards promotion after skill levels and hitting class mastery? I've got pretty much everyone at level 20 and no desire to use advanced seals.
Sounds about right. Getting into intermediate classes at 10 was generally no problem (aside from Byleth because I'd split her attention between swords and spears, and she doesn't get all the free weapon experience the students do), it was a question of whether I wanted to or wanted to master the basic classes first. I'm just now hitting level 20 with my first characters, and finding that while a few already qualify for their advanced classes, it's only the ones going for classes that want multi-skill qualifications - e.g. Ferdinand has no trouble meeting the B in lances and riding that Paladin wants, nor does Edelgard meeting the B each in axes and heavy armor for Fortress Knight, but everyone aiming for a class like Swordmaster, Warlock, Bishop, or Grappler, which just want one skill at A rank, only has it at B or B+. And it's a more real question whether to stick with the intermediate classes until mastery, since I'm closer to done with them than I was with the basic classes, and they give more enticing rewards.

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I don't much see a reason for the Rest option, I suppose it raises Motivation? I've been balancing that just by talking to everyone and doing the Monastery quests so far.
Raising motivation for everyone if your whole house is low (though later on you can easily do that through a few meals and gift-giving), and something special pertaining to an item you get in I believe chapter 5. I'll post it in a spoiler block just to be safe.
When you get your legendary weapon, resting becomes how you restore durability to it - each rest is +5 durability. Not sure if its durability can be restored by the blacksmith like all other weapons, I haven't used it enough to need to worry about that yet, but I won't be surprised if resting is the only way.

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A question, which I think was brought up before but I want to bring up again.

I've got say, Edelgard at level 10, and she can classchange into her next form. Should I wait until class mastery of her current class? She's out of Noble/Commoner so it should be a good idea? I just want to make sure, since Fire Emblem tends to have delayed gratification built into how it does level up efficiency.
For the basic classes at that point in the game, I'm inclined to say no. None of their mastery benefits look all that good to me, and you'll probably not be too close to getting them after just five levels being in those classes, plus the intermediate classes give better stat growth boosts than the basics.