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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemis97 View Post
    The current Humble Bundle is selling the main game and DLC from Crusader Kings II, so it's a great time to jump in. I've already got the main game and a lot of DLC so I've got a few keys to give away including:

    Crusader Kings II (base game)

    CKII: The Old Gods (DLC)

    CKII: Legacy of Rome (DLC)

    CKII: Sword of Islam (DLC)

    CKII: Way of Life (DLC)

    CKII: The Reaper's Due (DLC)

    CKII: Jade Dragon (DLC)

    CKII: Monks and Mystics (DLC)

    CKII: Conclave (DLC)

    These are some of the better DLCs actually, since I had picked them up first. If you want one, or more, leave a post here or look me up on Steam. I'm Artemis97 there, member of the GitP group, living in Vancouver, and with the Green Elf lady portrait.

    I'll update this list as things disappear. Enjoy everyone!
    I still don't have Jade Dragon or Monks & Mystics. I'm LegacyCWAL on Steam.
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