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Back Burner.
Take your time on this one, Tawmis, just idle curious-ity on my part.
Nameless, as yet.
Spellcaster version. 2,000+ y/o. Female.
While still LG, and dedicated to spreading Joy, she's not as spry these days.
As such, she uses Scrying (and Sending to spies) to keep tabs on Events going on.
If she finds someone she thinks worthy, she'll cast Dream and offer her Power to that Individual.
This was supposed to be the Patron for my Dragonwrought Kobold Warlock, Drekekno.
Sadly, it looks like the 3e D&D PbP game for that PC will never happen, and I don't want this guy to die.
I'm putting them into my 5e Forgetten Realms game (at least until I can find a DM for him), and am interested in what you can come up with.
Insomnia, ya!🙃
I gave her a name, which you can change if you come up with something!
Since she was an Ancient Silver Dragon, I also tied her to Emereth (see the previous histories)!
I've never DM'ed or played with a Dragonwrought Kobold (or even used one as a DM)... So that was interesting.
I guess there's no official 5e version of Dragonwrought yet; so I based it on knowledge I found on previous versions.
(The Dragonshield Kobold kind of comes close for 5e, if you're looking for "official" stats you could tweak).
As always, feedback is appreciated!
================================================== ===========
I’ve seen nations rise and fall. I’ve seen wars fought, battles lost, battles won. I’ve seen celebrations turned to disasters and seen the people of Faerûn set aside prejudice and hatred to stand together against a common enemy.

My true name is Sruthairgid, but the mortals called me “Silverstream” because of the way the moon reflected on my scales. I am an ancient Silver Dragon and I ache deeply from both physical and emotional wounds.

Once, many centuries ago now, I fought in the Dragonfall Wars. I had made a mortal enemy in a – then adult – green dragon named Emereth. My once silver scales now bare several scars from the battles against Emereth that will never heal. In my last fight with Emereth, before she destroyed my eggs, she had torn my wing up so viciously that I knew I would never be able to fly again.

But Emereth in all of her vile darkness struck a blow much more powerful than the scars I wear on the outside; Emereth, a female like myself, did what no other would dare think to do. She found my best and destroyed the eggs of my children.

I truly never recovered again. The strike had been one so devastating to my heart that I had lost the will to fight; dare I say, nearly lost the will to live. My home in the mountain fell to shambles, and even Kobolds grew fearless and took up residence in the same string of caverns that I called home. They would sneak into my portion of the cave and steal one gold coin at a time, thinking I was unaware. In truth, I simply did not care. All I had cared about was using my magic to preserve the shattered eggs from my nest; so terrified of losing everything. Broken as they were, they were a symbol of the children I should have had; deserved to have.

After several generations, the Kobold chieftan, Beyark Tookator, approached me and asked to make an alliance with me, acknowledging that I was a dragon and that the Kobolds were descendants of dragons and that I was to be treated respectfully. Under Beyark’s rule all that had been stolen from me for generations was gradually returned; which was a nice gesture, but in truth they could have kept it all. I rewarded Beyark with a staff that was magical (doubting he’d ever learn how to trigger it; but it was an ornate staff with a dragon’s head at the top, holding a crystal ball).

I was surprised – as was Beyark – six years later when he brought his son, Drekekno before me. Drekekno was different than the rest; his Kobold scales were silver in color, similar to mine. Beyark’s wife, a lovely Kobold named Unalewsa, began to accuse Beyark of seducing me (though she was always extremely polite to me, even after this “supposed” affair between Beyark and myself).

Drekekno was, I realized, a Dragonwrought Kobold; somewhere in his bloodline, there was indeed Draco Silver. I began to tend to Drekekno, training him how to harness magic that seemed to be innately natural to him; undoubtedly due to his bloodline. I realized that, though I had lost my children to Emereth, Drekekno was like a son to me now. I gave him everything, trained with him, and even ventured outside, beyond the cave to be with him.

Like any young dragon would, the time came where Drekekno wanted to see what was outside, beyond the world of the cave. I pried a small silver scale from him and cast a spell upon it and explained that no matter where he went now, I would be able to visit him in his dreams.

I watched as Drekekno left for the world beyond; and once he was out of my sight, I settled down contently in the cave; and that’s when I noticed my shattered eggs from hundreds of years ago, had finally fallen apart, because I was no longer focused on them.

I had a new son.

And I was proud of him.

His name was Drekekno, and I could see it in his eyes. He was full of life and hope, and great things were destined for his future…