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    “Certainly.” Eshkit Zaqaru takes Duke Menard Lacross and follows him in the dance. She lets him take the lead. As they dance, she studies him, her eyes following his scar, her face showing a look of concern.

    She shakes her head. “My apologies, Duke. You’re right, I should not reminisce.” A smile breaks through. “Are there any scientific pursuits you are currently involved in? I have learned various sciences and given your own experience, I am full of curiosity.”

    “I know the tension too well.” Sangezi Zaqaru nods before being spun around in the dance. “Then let us dance.” And so he does, following her every move, letting himself be guided over the dancefloor. As putty in her hands, he is an obedient and willing follower in his pace, offering a short bit of talk about their preferred music and dance style and kindly requesting a dance to her liking to played.

    After another two dances, he carefully threads more serious territory again. “I sincerely hope you are at ease now, Lady Voss.”

    Spoiler: House Gilkara (Enigma: PM)
    The window is large and looks out over the tall buildings, the people walking about, the vehicles moving through the streets. The tint of the glass betrays, obvious in intent, that it allows looking outside, but not inside. Within a tall flat, Ayallal Attar and Bolkas Gilkara meet once again. The room is grand, with statuettes, paintings, dark colours playing with another in the wall opposite to the window. There are several benches and suites to sit on, enjoy the view outside, eachother or have a more serious talk. Archways lead to other rooms, with a luxurious bath, a bedroom and an “art” room. The atmosphere is luxurious, comfortable, but also clean and a subtle hint in black and gray that this is a backroom door. The entrance here was inconspicuous and few would know that such a luxurious suite was here, set in an office flat. Yet this floor was reserved for this room, under a forgettable company’s name. Not that the two entered through the usual elevatar, but rather they arrived at a flying craft at the top and then taking a private elevator here.

    Earl Ayallal Attar sits seductively on a sofa, looking at Bolkas Gilkara making himself comfortable. She looks amused. “I hope you enjoyed the flight. I told you I would show you the sights.”

    “Thank you for our time at the Zaqaru Ball, I loved the dance.” She winks at him with a smirk.

    “You wanted to talk business. An arrangement.” She leans against the sofa, analyzing him for a moment, before looking away with a sigh, raising her hand and looking at it idly.

    “What will you do if you join the Defensive Pact against House Laramy?” She asks, her gaze slowly turning towards him as if she were a lazy cat.

    Enigma 7

    Spoiler: House Starosta
    “I see your point.” Diplomat Namzara Zaqaru gives a short nod in acknowledgement before considering his next words. “Still, it seems like playing with fire, as evidenced by recent events. I doubt they will allow their power curtailed as before by diplomacy.”

    Diplomat Namzara Zaqaru raises an eyebrow, steps a bit closer and asks: “What would House Starosta see done with the Collective in the time to come?”

    Spoiler: House Gadhavi
    Dear Duke Gadhavi,

    Proceeding you is your fame in trading the rare and exotic. Therefore, I wish to offer to sell you the corpse of a Nebula Hydra we have procured on our travels through the vast reaches of space on the Quest for Zanadu.

    After a fierce and arduous battle where we staved off its star hot plasma breath, the Nebula Hydra knew defeat. This massive leviathan of rock and gas is sure to be of interest to alien collectors and researches of all that is alien. Its corpse outweighs a dreadnought and is ready to be transported to a buyer.

    Should you be interested, my initial offer to sell the Nebula Hydra corpse to House Gadhavi is [20 Trade].

    Yours sincerely,
    Lady Sun
    Assistant of Grand Diplomat Ninu Zaqaru, Robot Unicorn Princess

    Spoiler: House Okeke
    Dear Duchess Akachi Okeke,

    Alright. I have contacted House Gadhavi and will inform you when a deal is made.

    Yours sincerely,
    Lady Sun
    Assistant of Grand Diplomat Ninu Zaqaru, Robot Unicorn Princess

    Spoiler: House Arnos
    Dear Duke Raudos Arnos,

    By standing together it will allow a stronger position to make demands. House Arnos and House Voss have both expressed an interest to remain independent from the Monarch of Hallow. With both Houses cooperating and supported by Zaqaru, weight will be given to this demand.

    Yours sincerely,
    Duke Nabuna Zaqaru

    Spoiler: House Voss
    Dear Duchess Brechtje Voss,

    I am reluctant. The force of House Gilkara is a welcome addition, but Duke Torbin Gilkara has made himself a target by his behaviour. Tatarus has contacted House Berger, alluding to an opportunity to have them use their fleet against House Gilkara. What do you think on this matter?

    In the mean time I have reached out to House Arnos to see if they are interested to stand together. If they are willing, would you be amenable to their addition to the defensive pact?

    Yours sincerely,
    Duke Nabuna Zaqaru

    Spoiler: House Vastadd
    At the Grand Conference of Hallow, Diplomat Namzara Zaqaru sends a message to the delegation of House Vastadd, with a request to talk to another noble diplomat. Assuming another diplomat arrives, he will formally handle introductions before starting the conversation.

    “I have been watching the Grand Conference of Hallow from the observer seats. So far, I have seen Duchess Izabella Vastadd willing to negotiate for vassalage. I am curious, however. I am of the understanding fealty of House Vastadd to the Monarch of Hallow is an illegal act under the Second Treaty of Gert, or am I mistaken? Please add to my understanding of the situation.”
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