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    Quote Originally Posted by Aliquid View Post
    But... many would argue that "luck" doesn't actually exist in the real world, and that what people call "luck" is just someone being savvy enough to notice and take advantage of opportunities that come up (which is basically your scenario)

    I see where you are coming from though.

    For example, you can luckily be at the right place at the right time... and have a wonderful opportunity present itself because of that. But it takes the wisdom to see the opportunity and the gumption to act upon it, even if it seems risky.

    You cannot control a random encounter from presenting itself to you. In order for one to be able to take advantage of the random encounter, there needs to be the random encounter to begin with. So it very well may be the person who turns the random encounter into a positive situation, but the person does not control the triggering event presenting itself.

    Two equal people, one with the encounter and one without the encounter, can end up living vastly different lives. I would call that luck.

    My planned plans often seem to blow up in tremendous ways. I seem to do considerably better not planning, and I am not sure if that is good or bad. It would be nice to plan for something and have it work out for a change . . . just to see what it was like to see a plan unfold as intended. As it stands all of my best things are seemingly randomly rolled. Many/most/all of the good things in my life were not planned. Dating my wife, picking a career, picking stuff to invest in, winning a trip to the Bahamas . . . all results from random encounters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aliquid View Post
    In a fantasy game, there is magic and other things that don't exist in the real world. Luck is more enticing if it is a real thing in the fantasy world, rather than just a mechanized description of reality.
    Pretty much every character we ever play is better than us, and has more interesting things happen to them. I suppose they are pretty much mostly/always lucky in that way. I can see luck as something that triggers the event, but I can also see luck as being someone who had the event trigger. Sure someone winning the lottery may not win because they are lucky, but winning the lottery makes them lucky as they benefit from something random.
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