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Itís partly because there isnít any evidence of a flaw that Hel is trying to destroy the world. (Partly also that ďPlane Shift her clerics elsewhere, vote to destroy the world, wait to see what kind of world arises next, and hope she can get her clerics back on it to convert the localsĒ is a plan with too many moving parts.) Thatís not proof no flaw exists, of course, but it is suggestive.
FWIW, I think the Plane Shift piece is unimportant. She has reason to hope she will have a running head start in ruling the next world even without any clerics, and that would be a sufficient improvement to her situation.

I see it as a bone to her clerics, who, given time to develop personal priorities beyond following orders, might have misgivings about either destroying this world or their accidentally getting their nice new meatsuits destroyed before they had a good chance to enjoy them.

"Don't worry. You can be Plane Shifted away." = "Shut up. Don't think. Follow orders. Trust me. (And I might not even be lying. I do not know myself yet.)"