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Thread: The LA-assignment thread VII: LA LA Land

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    Psionic trolls, named after... lung diseases? Between this and phrenic, I'm getting the impression someone at WotC dropped out of med school.

    6 monstrous humanoid RHD, Large size, and some very good ability scores (23 strength, 12 dexterity, 21 constitution, 10 intelligence, 16 wisdom and charisma). Additionally, those guys get DR 10/magic, cold resistance 10, +8 natural armor. Most notably, they also get regeneration 5, overcome solely by fire and acid damage.

    In terms of natural weapons, phthisics enjoy two claws and a bite. The latter also inflicts 1d4 points of intelligence damage, which is a largely irrelevant rider that I guess might still come up from time to time.

    Finally, they get a variety of PLAs. 3/day Brain Lock is solid control, and Ego Whip, Dimension Slide, Mental Barrier, and 4d10 Mind Thrust certainly have their uses too. 1/day Body Adjustment is underwhelming, and 1/day Catapsi seems situational at best. Overall, their PLAs are a solid and relevant addition.

    I guess the main question here would be whether phthisics can use weapons and tools normally. They seem to be bipedal and have thumbs, so for now I'll carefully assume that yes, they can.

    Based on this assumption, their good PLAs, and their excellent chassis, in addition to full BAB RHD, phthisics are deserving of +1 LA in my opinion.
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