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The bet is between Thor and Hel. I do not see why the other pantheons are required to honor that bet, with respect to dwarves who grow up with a different religion within the continent they dominate.

Or, rather, we have no information to indicate that other pantheons view dwarves as the exclusive property of the Northern pantheon. It is possible that they do. We know of only one very large group of dwarves, and that is in the Northern pantheon -- whether such is evidence of something important is hard to say.
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It seems like the best option at this point is all parties involved just agree to drop the bet. It seems fairly likely that happens eventually.
That has been discussed time and time again, and we really don't have a canon description about how the bet thing works in this details, but, if I had to create a theory, I'd go with something like this:

The bet was made during the creation of this world. The gods take turns and accept what the other gods put into the configurations of the world, in order to not create another Snarl. In Hel, or Loki, or Thor's turns, they established, as "rules of the world", that no living creature could be cleric of Hel, and that all the dwarves go to Hel, except for those who die with honor.

If that's so, reversing the bet may be a bit difficult, because involves changing the very rules of the world, but maybe the Gods, in a Godsmoot, may be able to do something like that without having to destroy and rebuild the world (I think it would be similar to updating to a new edition).