Inside the Entrance

Faketok is back to scowling again. How dare she insinuate that his lies and falsehoods and misleading statements are anything but a hundred percent truthful and accurate? Impudent fool, daring to call his bluff and expose him for the fraud that he really is. On the other hand, maybe we shouldn't get so worked up over that. I mean, she is offering to help clear out some of the infestations below...but that's only so she can get a discount on whatever shiny trinket catches her eye along the way, bah! We can handle that stuff on our own, with the regular visits from Faction and MERC's goons holding the line. We don't need this Kathy lady/robot's help at all. Plus, if we do take her up on the offer, and the fuel rods aren't something she carries around with her, what happens if some rogue deathbot or Mesozoic murderbird kills her dead? She's got some decent weaponry on her person, and the mech's nothing to scoff at, but the salvage really wouldn't be worth anywhere near what a decent monkeycannon-for-fuel-rods deal would get us.

Blegh, she doesn't really seem like the sort to take no for an answer, does she? Talking up how dangerous it is down there will just get her inner adventurer even more excited to see what dark science and foul madness haunts the depths of Mt. Enn. Insisting there's no real threat at all will make us look weak for allowing the wilderness to claim the lower floors for so long, and it'd also be a blatant lie that would exposed the moment something bigger than her mech shows up. Telling her firmly to get the hell out means we won't get any sort of deal at all, not even salvage rights on her corpse. Begrudgingly going along for the ride really seems like our only option right now.

"Did you hear that, Alzup? Kathy's volunteering to lead the way into the Museum of Unnatural History to help us flip the fifth floor circuit breakers. How noble of her. We'll need two, maybe three volunteers to join us, and someone to close the blast doors behind us after we've stepped through, lest anything on the other side try to slip out and eat you all alive. If you don't hear back from us in three hours, I'll buy everyone apology ice cream and pay for the funerals," Faketok promises, with a certain snideness in his tone when the word 'noble' passes his lips. If she really wants to help out so much, then fine. We'll throw her right to the sharks, and see if she's really as good at swimming as her attitude suggests.