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That list is a non-exhaustive list o the active X-Men.

You're looking at a list that not only includes people who died in the most recent run but people who have been dead since 2008. It's silly to assume that Velacidad and Blindfold are still dead.

As for the younger generation: Glob, No-Girl, Shark Girl and Rockslide are in the younger generation and are on the list.
This is literally the repetition of the same argument I have with X-Men fans every relaunch for years now. And I have addressed your point above. Just because Marvel throws them into 1 (one) single piece of promo material, not even a new piece of art like "impoertant people" got but a collage, only seems manipulative to me. Once again, X-editorial has proven over and over again it hates the younger generation as much as Dan DiDio hates Nightwing and Wally West, they spent the last story trying to mock and shame everyone who looks up to them, calling them children, worthless and button-mashers. They time and time again reduce their role to a face in a crowd and do NOTHING to do or make look bad so "REAL" X-Men can look better. And then and after constantly telling us supposedly NOBODY wants to read about them, editorial will throw a picture like this to dupe their fans into buying a book about other characters.