[Inside the Entrance]

Once Magtok mentions volunteers, the four goblins who were glared at earlier rush forward. As mentioned, two of them are men and two are women. Their skin is very dark grey, their hair is pale brown and their eyes are varying shades of yellow. One of the men is tall (for a goblin) and lanky (even for a goblin) while the other looks broad-shouldered and strong... again, for a goblin. The lanky goblin has long hair kept in a ponytail, while the muscular one wears an undercut. The two women are similarly contrasted. One is broad-hipped and large-chested, with prominent tusks and hair kept in a bun, while the other one is quite small and wears her hair in a pixie-cut. If anyone happens to be able to tell goblins apart, they are quite clearly siblings.

"Will four volunteers do?" the larger sister asks with a big grin. Alzup rolls his eyes.

"Ugh. I'm fine with it if our client is, but do try keep a lid on your weirdness down there."