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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxidion View Post
    Hey, sorry I've been gone so long. I'm back now, but will probably only be able to visit the sight about once a week due limited time. I will try to answer one post on this thread a week and do some reading on ancient realms, among other things.
    Welcome back. I'm very glade that this thread didn't die.
    Now that I know that you're doing about one reply a week, I'll adjust my expectations.

    I tried to answer this before, but couldn't find the necessary information; I still couldn't. I really don't know about calculating the challenge ratings of monsters. I just go off of what is similar, what are the differences between this and the similar creature and what level of a party would consider it a normal challenge. So especially since (but even if I could) I can't see the HP of this creature, I really don't know what CR it would have.
    Opps. I get D&D Monster info from Donjon
    It has filters to search by Type (Celestial in this case) Challenge, Environment and Source (Book)
    MM = Monster Manual * VgM = Volo's Guide to Monsters * MtF = Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
    Only what is in the SRD (MM, minus some monsters) is listed on the site for pop-up information.

    (MM) CR 5: The Unicorn has 9d10 HD and +13 hp
    with +7 to hit and 2d6 +4 hooves (twice) and 1d8 +4 horn.

    I figured that the Alicorn would have 14d10 HD +42 hp
    with +10 to hit and 2d8 +5 hooves (x2) and 1d10 +5 horn.

    Eldritch Blast (Radiant with Repelling) is 600' range, but limited to 2d8 damage.

    Oh, and the (VgM) Kirin is a CR 12, by the way.
    You'll have to look it up in the book to get details.

    But, CR aside, this looks like another well designed creature.
    Sorry for my lack of useful information.
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