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    Completely unrelated to the incident involving a faceless ranger,

    A new woman walks into the tavern.

    Well, 'walks' isn't really accurate, as she doesn't have any legs. Mermaids tend to not have those.
    She doesn't crawl, either.
    Instead, she majestically rides in on a crocodile.

    The crocodile is relatively large, like crocodiles tend to be. It's wearing a specialized saddle designed for such a mermaid to comfortably ride on. The mermaid has dark skin, black eyes with red pupils, green hair in a long braid, a black sleeveless jacket and a red sash. And a bandolier with a starfish on it. Also, translucent-green finlike structures run along the back of her arms.

    The crocodile moves towards an empty table. She pulls out one of the chairs, and then struggles to pull herself up to the chair in a seated position. Once she's up, she gestures at the large lizard to stay and not wander off. She looks over the menu, trying to find the raw meat section.
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