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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyril View Post
    If you give your child a fish, she eats for a day.

    If you ruthless withhold your fish from your child, you force her to learn to fish and she eats for a lifetime.
    Except in this case the parent is sabotaging all of the child's attempts to fish on her own and even when the child manages to catch some fish, the parent calls the big burly alcoholic uncle to burst inside the child's room and take her fresh fish, before the parent follows to take any fish the big burly alocholic uncle missed in the child's room.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Of Mantas View Post
    "You know, Durkon, I built this planet up from nothing. When I started here, all there was was a snarl. All the other gods said we were daft to build a planet over a snarl, but I built it all the same, just to show then. It got eaten by the snarl... we built a five millionth, three hundreth, twenty first one. That one burned down, fell over, then got eaten by the snarl, but the five millionth, three hundreth, and twenty second one stayed up! Or at least, it has been until now."