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    "Valgret, Valten. Starchildren. Born of stars. Starborn. Valten for a boy, Valgret for a girl. Am I being silly?" Arnadred looks to Aburnar for an answer.
    Aburnar laughs. “Not at all. I like the meaning, though the names sound foreign to me.” By the warm tone, he does not seem to really mind.

    When they enter the workshop Arnadred seems amazed. "Do you mean stealing?" She teases and runs away towards the ship.
    “No, we’ll return it when we’re done with it.” Aburnar says, meaning it as Arnadred traces her hand along the frame of the Scout. Ofcourse, he’s leaving it ambiguous how long that actually is. Laughing at her joke, they go inside.

    On the inside of the Scout vessel, Aburnar is thoroughly enjoying her reaction. She looks at the young woman with rainbow-coloured her, her enthusiasm and moving between “This. Is. Perfect.” to “It’s acceptable for now. I guess.” Aburnar can’t help but smile. When she turns to stare at him, he blushes.

    Moving over to the co-pilot seat, he contemplates where he wants to be. “Out of the Dannu star cluster. Though it would mean skipping out on the ice rings of Neveh or the asteroid belts of Natho. We could go there first if you’d like, though. I would just like hover between the asteroids for a while with you, in either Calon or Eleud, before we move on.”

    Spoiler: House Gilkara: PM
    Ayallal Attar eagerly plays into Bolkas Gilkara’s affections before they return to the matters at hand and she lies on top of him, listening to the words coming out of his mouth.

    She moves back when he makes the call and continues offering a listening ear. She laughs when Bolkas points out he’s not that good. She grins as she feels his hands touching her, his body close. She winks as he licks his lips. “Ooh, looking forward to it.” She says seductively, moving her finger over his mouth.

    “I am the Grand Agent of Zaqaru, so besides my enjoyment of your company, which I do so very much enjoy. Mhmm.” She blows him a kiss in the air. “I take great pleasure in knowing I can make an impact from the shadows.” She looks him in the eyes. “The sexy shadows.”

    “As for Zaqaru, helping House Gilkara prevents unworthy rulers from getting too much power. Zaqaru considers its only rightful liege to be the Emperor.”
    “When most of the Hallow nobles, as well as Tatarus and Steel, offer fealty to one of the Laramy siblings, the power base will allow them to look beyond the Hallow borders to intimidate others into vassalage or expand the Kingdom's territory by conquest. All while both siblings have been deemed too incompetent to actually hold the power of Emperor. If they had wished to truly prove their worth, they should be busy fulfilling the tasks required to claim the Titanium Throne.”
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