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    I must be (or perhaps I was) horrible at planning.

    I keep very detailed notes. I excel at creating procedures, and creating efficiency. Efficiency is an ethical standard of mine (seriously, inefficiency offends me).

    I also was not diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome until 10-years ago or so . . . so that changed things considerably as it gave me a much better understanding of myself.

    I do not interview well AT ALL.

    I got one job because my friend played paintball with the interviewer. I ended up moving up in the company and ended up as a technician in engineering. This was a dream job. I could do 1.6 of a day's work in like 30-90-minutes, and then was told to not work anymore. I argued on the interwebs all day long.

    I got another job (the one I have now) because my wife found it online, they initially hire anyone who passes the test (in massive numbers for open/annual enrollment), and then keep the high performers. I ended up doing well enough to get hired, won a trip to the Bahamas and somehow managed to not get fired after a pair of managers tried to fire me ~3-times . . . ~4-times (?) . . . so many times . . . they ended up getting fired and/or leaving the company.
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