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Harry Dresden has some pretty awesome feats as well. Stuff like

1. Pulverizing hundreds of vampires with a single spell.

2. Dropping a car on someone.

3. Burning multiple buildings to the ground.

4. Launching an invincible werewolf through multiple buildings and then blinding, deafening, and hobbling it with a drop of it's blood.

5. Commanding an army of ghosts to attack the lair of a necromancer.

6. For physio therapy, Mab tried to assassinate him once a day until he was better. Everything from pillow over the face, to piranhas in the shower. And one ticking crocodile. Cumulating in her opening fire at a short range with an automatic shotgun while a Malk (a giant fae cat) attacked him from the side. From surprise. So yeah, reaction time wise, he outclasses Harry Potter hard.

And that's before you get into how much he's limited by the Laws of Magic. Remove the whole Thou Shall Not Kill thing, and he can do stuff like flash freeze you with a word, crush you with his telekentic rings, invade your mind and order you to kill yourself, or summon an army of super zombies (they can tear a car apart in seconds).

So yeah, Harry Dresden would utterly destroy Harry Potter. John Constantine is a maybe, but likely not, because DC is should be spelled BS.
Constantine isn't a maybe in any sense of the word. Dresden's feats involve tossing cars. Constantine has overpowered Superman and the Phantom Stranger. It's not even a contest. Maybe if they ever finish up Dresden's books so he can continue his power creep he'd have a small chance.