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Can someone give me the "real world" explanation of drawing mana, or BS me a reason if there isn't one?

So I love digging deep into magic systems and I was thinking about mtg last night. It's been stated the player is a planeswalker, which is a good premise. Loyalty makes sense with other planeswalkers, as a measure of their loyalty to fight with you before porting away.

Life = physical health seems clear. Or, using D&D logic, it's more like "luck/skill dodging blows." You aren't necessarily maimed at 2 LP, but at 0 it's a killing blow regardless.

Although your deck is called a library (and cards are spells) I see your deck like 'mental health.' I play a good amount of Dimir mill, and many many mills refer to attacking the mind. So I would see milling someone as an ESP attack making them comatose. Physically fine, but unconscious/unable to fight back.

So that got me thinking about drawing mana specifically. I know the idea is, the PW draws mana from the natural life around them, which is why all mana are landscapes. But, assuming all the above is accepted as fact, what does it mean to "draw" mana? Does the PW gain access to other lands, or is mana viewed more like a spell so they are "casting a spell" to draw mana forth? If we were just talking about a PW being able to wave a hand and get magic from the ground beneath them, it doesn't make sense they wouldn't be able to do it all at once, compared to waiting to draw (find) the right card (spell). Thoughts?
The actual act of drawing a Land card is going out to find those mana sources, I feel. You drew a forest from the deck? That's you finding a forest in your travels and attaching it to yourself as a mana bond. The library is your brain and your cards are your thoughts, so you're just thinking of that cool tree on Zendikar you like.

The way mana bonds work is that it has to specifically "connect" with you. You can't just pull in mana from any old puddle, and if you DID it would be at best temporary and insufficient. You need to draw it from that cool water fountain in town you really like, or that old gnarled tree growing around a bicycle that made you feel like everything was okay. Also, you can't just put all your lands out into play as once, likewise you can't draw power from a source all at once. That'd mess up the place, and also you.