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    Quote Originally Posted by LaZodiac View Post
    Spoiler: Madoka Rebellion spoilers
    The incubator's trying to find a way to return to the Witch timeline makes no sense, and is completely counter to the fact that Madoka is literally the godly embodiment of hope. Homura eventually falling into despair is an inherently stupid premise, and he becoming some sort of evil sexy queen type is stupid as hell. On a personal level, Homura's witch not being Walpurgisnacht is also just really dumb of them to have done. Charlotte getting a human form is interesting, but her character is very one note.

    Also, just the general idea of having Madoka fight, in a fight, for real seems counter to the series entire thesis. Rebellion feels like a dumb cash grab to tie into the ****ty phone game at best.
    Spoiler: Rebellion
    In order:

    The incubators want to restore the old system because they believe it produces more energy. They don't give a flying f*** about hope, so their actions don't run counter to Madoka being the embodiment of hope.

    There's nothing inherently stupid about Homura falling into despair - she's suffered more than anyone else in the story, after all.

    Walpurgisnacht never was or needed to be Homura.

    Madoka fights in multiple loops in Homura's episode of the TV series, so Madoka fighting is not counter to the series' thesis (or the series already contradicts its own thesis).

    And whatever one's opinion of Rebellion's story, it certainly isn't a s***ty cash grab. Cash grabs are low-effort, low-risk endeavors that try to avoid alienating their customers with anything new. Rebellion is the opposite of that.
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