Wow, our one-shot is getting messy!

In any case, this is great stuff! I like what Iím seeing in Stereoís post. Iím almost of a mind that instead of a map of Europe, we take a more zoomed in look at Scandinavia, the Baltic and North Seas to emphasize the sailing part of it.

I like clan politics. Designing a clan profile is very fun.

Let me throw some crazy into it. These are ideas we can discuss or toss out:

  • These are floating islands and continents. Itís actually sky-sailing in rudimentary but fearsome looking gas bags.
  • Youíre dragon riders! Each clan has its own brood of dragon they raise train and venerate. Or, consequently, youíre dragon hunters flying in your dirigibles (vikings meet Moby **** but in the sky. (I canít believe that word gets censored! )

Iíve actually wanted to do a dragon-rider type game for a while. This was a fascinating recap of a game that (I think) was intended for eventual published format. Iíve taken a number of stabs at dragon stuff, mechanically, once with unique approaches for FAE, and once with Core type skills, pairing a PC to a dragon mount.

This may be too tangential for your tastes. I can share what I had put together if youíre further interested. The play report I linked from actually did take a Norse legends approach to its Dragon Knights concept.