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    Default Re: What's Left of the MagCave II: We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

    Rat Assisted Tour

    "As you wish. sir." Jaahlyn replies, looking a tad distracted as her gaze is focused on Rattok rather than Magtok. She would beg him to reconsider the offer but she had the feeling that would be rather impolite in front of Magtok.
    "Ah, there is- um, I'm honored that you would aid me, Rattok. I suspect your assistance would be sorely needed against someone like Feia." So apparently she goes with a compliment instead, how fitting. Perhaps she's hoping Rattok could use his Magtok-esq ego as a weapon.
    "I believe I could get at least one other from MERC. Perhaps even people from VIGIL and HALO. Not a word about the true nature of the mission of course. Simply that lady Feia has to be dealt with sooner or later."
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