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Also gishes always seemed like such an over reach "I want the power and versatility of a spellcaster while having the survivability and combat prowess of a buffed fighter." I think they really show what type of players want to minmax and try to make sure noone else at the table will have fun.
Yes, you can be a gish who just chucks fireballs while wearing full plate, but that's not generally what that means. Gishing it up isn't about being 100% caster and 100% fighter, much like how a paladin isn't just a full cleric stapled to a full fighter; it's about giving up raw power on both sides to combine the two in a synergistic way, like the duskblade, magus, psychic warrior, abjurant champion, etc., which generally takes the form of playing like a fighter but using magic in place of weapons, armor, fighting styles, and the like.

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I'm still learning 4e, but: Warlock
5e Scaling Cantrips (mostly) improved the at-will powers? and short rest refreshing Slots are encouter powers? Invocations being always-on enhancements?
Yep, cantrips are basically at-wills, spell slots are basically encounters, Mystic Arcanum are basically dailies, and invocations are basically either feats (for the passive benefits) or more powers (for the ones that just let you cast more spells).

See, if the Player was spending Sorcerer points (and maybe sacrificing Sorcerer spell slots) to renew Warlock slots, I might be more lenient. But I have yet to see that happen.
Well, firstly, the whole point is that you sacrifice warlock slots because they come back on a short rest, if you're sacrificing sorcerer slots you're not gaining anything and might as well be a pure sorcerer.

And secondly, the reaction to the Coffeelock is much like the initial reaction to the 3e warlock: "Oh noes, it gets bazillions of castings of weak spells, that must be overpowered (if you completely ignore the highly limited spells known and low power level of the spells available)!" On a cheese scale of soft brie to sharp cheddar, it barely rates as Velveeta.

Got any ideas on boosts to just Warlocks?
I mean, personally, I prefer to chuck it entirely in favor of a more 3e-like version, where you have basically no usage restrictions on your magic, you can modify your primary attack in lots of ways, and Eldritch Blast isn't just a cantrip that all the other casters take with Magic Initiate and make the warlock sad, so I'm not the best one to ask about that.