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Roland hunkers down under the dome. Something still seems off about the Tiefling helping them. "How did you get to this island, Crynirad?" The boy doesn't seem to have been here long, but then that means that he either came with the pirates or through another way.
Crynirad seems to shiver fearfully upon hearing this, and his voice cracks. "I was a slave held in the aforementioned pirate ship, and managed to escape when their ship crashed. I have really only been here for about a day and a half now."

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Before entering the done, Elbalar stops to take a deep breath.

Once inside, he sits down and takes stock of his possessions, repeatedly checking the large book inside his clothing is still there. Once sure of what he does and doesn't have, he turns his full attention to Crynirad.

Spoiler: Rolls
Second Wind: [roll0] self healing.

Reading Crynirad: assuming insight for [roll1]
You don't detect any sign that he is lying, but the way he reacts to the questions and what he is saying indicates far more anxiety than he should be having. Crynirad evidently lacks the ability to hide his emotions well. You are convinced that he perhaps isn't giving you the full story.