Astral Black, The Nova
Potential: 0/5

The first panel shows the outside of Ezra's van, before the next few clip to inside it, no dialogue present as they follow Nikita through the interior of the vehicle turned tiny home while he leisurely waters a number of potted plants strewn throughout. Ezra has very patiently tolerated Nikita building his collection. The herbs he keeps inside the Quarters in the kitchen, as seems most practical. In the last few weeks following the competition's finale, he's been taking advantage of having access to a full kitchen to practice cooking now and then. It's one of the ways he tries to ingratiate himself and make friends with the other team mates, tending to be over eager for approval in general.

Nikita keeps a few smaller plants in the bedroom that is designated as his, as well. The vast majority have ended up here in Ezra's van, however. Perhaps because it gives him an excuse to escape his team mates and camera crew, the one place no one dares enter. Well, the camera crew may dare in absence of Ezra, having likely learned by this point that Nikita lacks any real backbone outside of emergency situations. For now at least though, he's on his own, a small but genuine smile of satisfaction playing across his lips as he finishes and looks down the length of the van at all his freshly watered friends. It's been a good way to wind down after a few days out and about exploring the Outdoor Show with whoever (if anyone) will let him join in with them.

He stands up straight as motion lines denote the phone vibrating in his pocket, and he quickly sets the watering can aside to fish it out instead.
"Rubboj lete" displays on the screen, the sender denoted by a small picture in the corner, of a typical sour-faced Ezra trying to hide behind a hand. A look of thoughtful consideration and vague puzzlement takes over Nikita's features as he attempts to decipher Ezra's message. Noting the time however, Nikita picks up the watering can again and moves towards the door of the van.

The next panel shows the front door of the Quarters swinging open and Nikita stepping inside with the water can in one hand and phone in other, the boy letting out a soft ‘aha!’ of realization as he finally seems to have riddled out a possible meaning behind Ezra’s messages. ”Um… I think Ezra might be a little late for the meeting, but I am not one hundred percent sure! I also think he may be bringing food…?” Nikita announces to whoever is in the main living area, before actually looking up to check if anyone is present. If so, he offers a small wave in greeting, and if not he somewhat sheepishly moves on to the kitchen to check on his herbs.

Lifting his phone again, Nikita types out a quick: "Ok! Thanks! I will hold a seat for you!" in response for Ezra as if there would somehow not always be the perfect amount of seats ready for the team.