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    Warlock-the-ex-Phalanx has been around since I think at least the '80s (For the given value of around which included at least one long-term death).

    The Phalanx are an offshoot of the Technarchy--in the native language of the Technarchy, Phalanx literally means "leftovers." the Phalanx as a species are beings who were infected with the Transmode Virus and became Techno-Organic without having been devoured and managed to escape and evolved, for lack of a better term, into a militaristic "Borg/Cybermen" type "conquer and assimilate" race, using a modified version of the Transmode Virus to convert ner organisms into more Phalanx and absorb new tech.

    IIRC, they most recently got taken over by Ultron who used stolen titanian eternal technology to incorporate his own schematics into the TM Virus to slowly turn the universe into an Ultron Hivemind.

    As for Warlock, as far as I can tell he's been forcibly merged with his strain of the Transmode Virus and only has a body if he takes over someone else. ONE was using him to make Sentinels and he was forcibly infected into a good chunk of th eNew Mutants, but Dark Beast, who had been captured by the remaining X-Men and forced to be their science guy while the others were in X-Man's pockert reality, was able to extract all traces of Warlock from them and merged them into one of Madrox's dupes. This was dubbed "Warlox" and was one of the casulties of Uncanny X-Men.

    Warlock was resurrected along with everyone else, but still seems to be sans his own body--he's apparently symbiotically sharing Doug's body, going by Doug's Technarch arm in House of X #1

    (The originally Douglock was Warlock with Doug's memory, they only thought he was a fusion of them both.)
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