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    Default Re: The Nightmare of SIDE IC 2 - Exit the Matrix

    It was a close thing, but Wraith is able to push through the deluge of mind-wiping emotion. It could be attributed to the months of exposure to Darryl's Death Curse, but some of the emotions even feel stale to him. He's nearly seen his loved one die to a giant elemental's fist; he felt as if he would die when he took that fist himself. F*ck Tara and her mind games.

    Tai's gift of a pocket knife has always been malleable, transformable. Now Wraith stretches that malleability to its limit, stretching the Dreamtech metal and gears into a thin sheathe around his hands, like powered armor gauntlets. It hurts like a sonavabitch, but it allows him to channel his specialized combat style through the gauntlets and through the intervening space--straight to Tara's face.

    After throwing a series of brutal punches, he pulls back out of the immediate area of her bullsh*t, attempting to fade into the ether--and if her powers end up controlling him, well, he can just take a little nap.

    Waiting until all allies have attacked Tara.

    Free action: Extra Effort: Power Stunt off of Unkie Wraith's Pocket Knife: Forgotten Combat's Affliction loses Limited to Against Wraith, gains Extra Condition (Entranced/Stunned), Extra Limb (Projection), Elongation 9 (Quirk [Extra Limb only])

    Standard action: Attack with enhanced Forgotten Combat, Power Attacking for 5, -2 for Impaired, (1d20+5)[11] vs DC 30 Toughness, DC 25 Will vs Impaired+Vulnerable+Entranced/Disabled+Defenseless+Stunned

    Free action: Spending a Hero Point to get Extraordinary Effort. Second action dependent on whether Tara is Entranced or not.

    If she is Entranced, then Wraith will Recover and attempt to take off the previous Epic Open Mind's effect: Will vs DC 26, -2 for Impaired: (1d20+9)[25]

    If she is not Entranced, Wraith will attack her with the enhanced Forgotten Combat again: (1d20+5)[22]

    Move action: Move on Platform Flight to 100ft away from Tara, then land back on the ground. Routining Stealth for 29

    Will to remove Affliction if needed, DC 26: (1d20+9)[12]

    Status: Bruised, Impaired+Vulnerable, Incapped by Fatigue next round pending HP expenditure
    HP: 2 (pending)
    Luck: 2 (only to force re-rolls on Wraith-targeted attacks)
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