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Thread: MitD XIII: Learning is happening

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    Voting Time

    Topic: altering the FBS requirements.

    Result: Voting is Closed. No Change (Z) has it, due to absolute majority in the first round

    • Semi-public vote: votes can be posted in the thread or be PM'ed to me, the curator. If you are only interesting in expressing the vote, rather than giving reasons, I encourage to PM rather than post, to prevent the thread from being spammed by multiple short "vote for X" posts. I will compile all votes in the original voting post for verification and record keeping. To prevent fraud, please be ready to reaffirm your vote if someone else PMs you to ask about it.
    • Multiple votes per person: you can vote for more than one option. Do so in order of preference. You can vote on entries individually, or combined. So, for example, if you like change Y, and only want change X if Y is also implemented, you can vote for X&Y together, followed by Y (or the other way round, if you'd rather have Y, but can live with Y and X together, etc.). Do not be concerned about the number of columns in the table below - there is no limit to how many votes you can make. I'll add extra rows for those who need it.
    • Vote counting: will not be first past the post; instead, alternative vote system will be used.
    • Voting is binding: if you vote for extra work, be prepared to do the extra work. If extra work is voted for, but no-one does it, the option will be discarded and runner-up will be done instead.
    • Voting options: If you feel the options are not to your liking, you can vote for a new option by describing it in your post. I'll add it to this post as time permits, and assign it a letter.
    • Changing Votes: You can change your vote at any time before the end of the voting, by either posting or PM.

    • + indicates both selections (i.e. A + B + C indicates a vote for A and B and C, but not for any subgroup thereof)
    • Any() indicates any subgroup of the selection (i.e. Any(A, B, C) indicates votes for A + B, A + C, B + C, A, B, C).
    • ! indicates a vote against a selection (i.e. !A is a vote to NOT implement A). It will be treated as identical to Any(B, C, D...) when the vote ends (i.e. a vote for any combination that does not include A)

    Collected voting options:
    A) Add "must be minimum Challenge Rating of 18, if a D&D creature"
    B) Replace "7) Is vulnerable to mind-affecting effects (SoD)" with "7) lacks god-level mind-affecting effect immunity (SoD)."
    C) Add "must not be an embodiment of Evil" requirement
    D) Remove "7) Is vulnerable to mind-affecting effects (SoD)" requirement
    Z) No Change

    Collected votes:

    Voter PV 1 PV 2 PV 3 PV 4 PV 5 PV 6
    Grey Wolf Z A
    Kish A+B Any(A,B) D
    Doug Lampert A+B Any(A,B) Any(A,D)
    Throknor Z
    Squire Doodad Z
    Keltest Z
    Sir_Norbert D Z
    woweedd C C+A C+B
    Darth Paul Z
    lio45 C C+Any(A,B,D)
    Aspheric Z A
    CriticalFailure A+B+C Any(A,B,C)
    The Aboleth Z
    Crusher Z
    Jaxzan Proditor Z C Any(B,C)

    Reason for my vote: We've been using CR18 as a gross rule of thumb for minimum power level for MitD for forever, so I wouldn't be completely opposed to adding it in, but I have heard often enough in this thread the opinion that CR is horrendously mismanaged, with some creatures having been given too much or too little to be trusted that I do not feel it should be more official than a gross rule of thumb. I won't mind it, but it definitely takes second place to not adding it.

    B, on the other hand, I feel is way more punctilious and specific than any of the FBS rules should be. I barely understand what is aiming for, and I suspect too many people would come asking what exactly it means for me to want to face it. And as I said, I don't like the idea of voting again on something that already was voted down last time - it strikes me as wasting everyone's time- so even though I do like C, I stand with the results of the last vote.

    Grey Wolf
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