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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennosuke View Post
    I’m thinking of some Chicago specific lore sheets. What are your thoughts on “Wauneka” pg 287 vs the laberynth. 279 vs talley 286 for a one or two dot expenditure
    My opinions:
    * Wauneka is a solid loresheet all around and in my opinion a gold standard of what 1 and 2 dot loresheet bonuses should be like.
    * Talley 1 is kinda meh. Talley 2 is once per-chronicle, which basically means once per game, which is a severe downside in my opinion.
    * Labyrinth 1 is good. Labyrinth 2 is something I'd never take, but YMMV. It's probably fine for a right character concept and I just don't value "+1 die to narrow set of situations" bonuses all that much.
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